Esthetician Became Allergic to Soy After Developing Eczema


The September Issue of The Journal of Dermatology includes a case report by Akiko Yagami, MD, from the Fujita Health University School of Medicine, of a 30 year old woman who suffered anaphylactic symptoms after eating soy. She had no history of soy allergy or eczema prior to becoming an esthetician at age 23, but started developing symptoms of itchy eczema a few months after starting working with cosmetic lotions.

She tested positive to an IgE test for soy as well as for skin prick tests to soy extract, soy milk, and a cosmetic lotion frequently used by the patient.

“The patient with atopic dermatitis, which tends to reduce the barrier function of the skin, was percutaneously sensitized to soy protein through frequent contact with cosmetic lotions containing soy-based ingredients in a humid environment while working as an esthetician and she subsequently developed anaphylactic reaction to soy,” the authors wrote.

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