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Parenting a young child with food allergies isn’t just about the food allergies; it’s about everyday parenting too. There are many good parenting sites in the blogosphere and many good food allergy sites as well, but few that seamlessly integrate the two.

Nut Allergy Mom is a blog within a blog by Amanda West, who also runs the Mommity site on general parenting. Mommity offers product reviews, parenting tips, health and fitness ideas and Do it Yourself projects (think “5 Tried and True Potty Training Tips from Moms”), while Nut Allergy Mom offers food allergy specific advice including peanut and gluten-free recipes, reviews, and tips.

The two together provide a great stop for moms with young kids who just happen to have food allergies. After all, they need potty training tips too.

To learn more about Nut Allergy Mom and Mommity, visit Amanda’s site at

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