Inspiring Resource: The Anaphylactic Allergy Podcast by Yael Walters Kozar

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Surprisingly, there is little video content available dealing with the every day aspects of families living with food allergy. One exception is a series of 5-10 minute shorts released over the past nine years.

The Anaphylactic Allergy Podcast, produced and hosted by Yael Walters Kozar, broaches a wide range of topics including interviews of teens coping with food allergy, a discussion with Jo Frost of Super Nanny fame, and a report from a FAAN (the predecessor of FARE) fund raising walk.

Yael herself is a food allergy advocate who serves as president of Allergy Support & Anaphylaxis Prevention and has volunteered for other non-profits over the years. Her podcasts provide a window into the food allergy community via a medium that personalizes the topics covered and fosters discussion.

Unfortunately, there is currently no single site where these podcasts are showcased, but you can find them via Google search by clicking here.

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