Inspiring Resource: Preschool Food Allergy Handbook by Lee and Francoeur

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Sending a child off to preschool is an apprehensive time for any parent, but even considering doing so for a child with severe food allergies often induces panic and dread. How do you prepare? How do you engage with the preschool faculty and staff? What can you do to help ensure the safety of your child?

For many years, parents of young children with food allergies have had to answer these questions on their own, but today there is a resource that help you navigate the process.

The Preschool Food Allergy Handbook is an indispensable manual that provides guidance to parents and providers based on research, the law, and best practices. Complete with checklists and resources, the Handbook will help you develop a comprehensive food allergy management plan that provides the framework necessary to help keep your child happy, secure and safe.

The Handbook was co-authored by two renown advocates in the food allergy community: Gina Mennett Lee, an educator and consultant specializing in food allergy management in the school setting, and Laurel Francoeur, an attorney focused on food allergy, responsible for drafting state stock epinephrine legislation and providing testimony about food allergy issues on state and federal levels.

Learn more about the Preschool Food Allergy Handbook by clicking here and gain insights from the authors by visiting Gina’s site ( and Laurel’s site (

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