Inspiring Resource: Keeley McGuire Blog by Keeley McGuire

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As you know, there’s very little to celebrate about food allergies other than surviving the day without a reaction and a trip to the ER. But that doesn’t mean you can’t delight your child with creations that will make them the envy of the lunch room!

That’s where Keeley McGuire’s blog comes in. Together with her daughter/sous chef, Little Miss, she shows you how to make allergy friendly and gluten-free lunches that are safe, nutritious, and fun to eat.

Whether it’s Booty Bunnies for Easter, Allergy Friendly Hamentaschen for Purim, or  a Gluten-Free Hawaiian Pizza Quesadilla for any day, Keeley provides you with the inspiration and step-by-step instructions to turn any blah lunchbox into a gift that your special someone will be excited to open every day.

You can find Keeley McGuire’s Blog and Keeley’s expertise at

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