Retraction of Our Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Article


UPDATE: Since this retraction was published, Kellogg’s finally admitted to adding peanut flour to products because they are made on shared lines. Click here for more details.

Yesterday, we posted an article entitled “Kellogg’s Now Adding Traces of Peanut Flour Across Product Lines” that asserted that Kellogg’s had recently begun adding trace quantities of peanut flour to Nutri-Grain Apple Cobbler Fruit Crunch Bars, much like their recent addition of peanut flour to the company’s Keebler and Austin cracker varieties.

Despite our best efforts to verify the timing of this addition, we were wrong. Though the product information is listed on the company’s website, the product itself has been discontinued. We apologize to you, or readers, and to the Kellogg Company for this error.

That said, this does not alter our belief that the company is adding minute quantities of peanut flour – as they have done with the Keebler and Austin crackers – to avoid the complications and cost of complying with new, stricter FSMA directives regarding the handling of allergens that take effect this September. We reiterate our call to the company to explain why they are adding this allergen to products and end the speculation.

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