Safe Snack Guide Holiday 2017 Edition!


We made a list and checked it twice! The Holiday 2017 Edition of the Safe Snack Guide is here with an entire section devoted to allergy-friendly Christmas and Chanukkah treats! All are peanut and tree nut free with an entire page dedicated to Top 8 allergen-free goodies for your special someone.
Whether you’re searching for seasonal gifts, festive products to serve at your home or classroom celebration, or baking supplies to make your own holiday creation, the Safe Snack Guide is your go-to resource.

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With this issue, we are happy to announce that ZEGO – a long time member of our Manufacturer Partnership – has reformulated their products to remove coconut, allowing us to include their bars in the Safe Snack Guide. ZEGO bars use clean, vegan ingredients and are certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. Their facility is free of the top 14 allergens and they test every batch for cross contact with peanuts, soy, milk and gluten and post the results through the QR code on every package.

We also welcome four new members to our partnership:

  • Partake Foods LogoPartake Foods – Manufacturers of a line of allergy-friendly snacks that are free of the Top 12 allergens. Their delicious mini cookies are certified gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO and they never use rice, gums, or emulsifiers. Just super delicious, real and healthy, allergy-friendly foods for your kids and theirs!
  • Zee Zees LogoZee Zee’s – They come in all shapes and sizes. All different flavors and with all different personalities. But they’re pretty much all good at the same thing – being great sidekicks! Take their line of apple and pear sauces and nutrition bars anywhere and enjoy their characters from Planet Z!
  • RollinGreens – Originated as a food truck and catering service, they launched their packaged product line in 2015 with their first product, Millet Tots. Millet Tots are the company’s version of a tater tot made with an organic ancient whole grain. They are vegan, gluten-free, crispy and delicious!
  • OWYN LogoOnly What You Need (OWYN) – A collection of their experiences and the knowledge they accumulated as professional athletes turned fitness enthusiasts. After 4 years of development, we are proud to offer a 100% Plant-Based protein shake with uncompromised taste. Each serving contains 20g of plant-based protein, organic greens, 535mg Omega 3s, and naturally occurring branch chain amino acids.

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With this issue, we must also announce we have discontinued listings from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates as the product data we have on-file for them has aged beyond the acceptable deadline required by the terms of our Manufacturer Partnership. We hope to reinstate their products should the company come back into compliance at a later date.

Please discard your current copy of the Guide and download the latest revision:

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Dave Bloom
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