College Deploys Stock Epinephrine, Trains Security Force to Administer


A college in Rochester, NY is ensuring the safety of their students by expanding efforts to treat serious allergic reactions should they occur.
St John Fisher College deployed 12 stock Auvi-Q brand epinephrine auto-injectors in high-traffic areas where AEDs have been placed. The school has also trained all 19 of its security officers in the proper administration of the drug in case of emergency.

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John Terry, Founder of the Allergy Advocacy Association who partnered with the college to deploy epinephrine, thinks its important for more campuses to engaging in similar efforts.
“It’s a significant issue because of the number of undiagnosed people who are at risk for anaphylaxis and don’t even know it,” said Terry.
The college is among the first in western New York state to deploy epinephrine as provided for by Emergency Allergy Treatment Act. The legislation authorizes – but does not mandate – venues of public accommodation to acquire stock epinephrine and train employees in its administration.

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Dave Bloom
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