Study: Many are Leaving that Life Saving 2nd Dose of Epinephrine at Home


Prescribing guidelines for people at risk of anaphylaxis recommend two or more epinephrine auto-injectors because a single dose of epinephrine is often not sufficient to stop the progression of a reaction. Not enough epinephrine administered in a timely fashion could prove catastrophic.
A study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice surveyed 505 patients ages 13 to 65 and 448 caregivers to determine adherence to the “more than one” guideline.

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A whopping 82% reported not carrying at least two auto-injectors at all times even though half the respondents reported needing a second dose in a previous event. 45% of the 73 respondents who required emergency care reported doing so because of the unavailability of a second dose.
Where was the second dose? Most respondents (84%) kept at least one auto-injector at home. 64% were instructed to always carry one and keep the second dose in another location contrary to prescribing guidelines.
Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) recommends those prescribed epinephrine auto-injectors “carry two epinephrine auto-injectors with you at all times,” and “to make sure you have quick access to this life-saving medication.”
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We at too often find ourselves reporting on tragedies caused by anaphylaxis resulting from food allergies. In many of the cases, the victim did not have sufficient epinephrine on-hand when the reaction occurred.

We urge you to “Take 2 epinephrine auto-injectors along everywhere… every time.” To help you and your family members remember, we have a series of free flyers from our “Take 2” campaign to post at your home, school nurse’s office and work. Click here to download your set.

Source: Value of a second dose of epinephrine during anaphylaxis: a patient/caregiver survey – The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice
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