Mylan and Pfizer Respond to Our EpiPen Scarcity Query


Earlier today we reported that the EpiPen shortage that has been plaguing Canada and the UK is now affecting US supply after the Wegmans market chain reported that they have run out of EpiPen epinephrine auto-injectors and have no idea when they will be replenished.
We reached out to our contacts at Mylan for clarification, who passed our request on to a spokesman for Pfizer, the manufacturer of EpiPen for Mylan.

We asked the following:

Two New York TV stations are reporting that Wegmans has run out of EpiPens with no replenishment in sight. We published an article on this today:

I seek answers to the following questions:

  • Are Pfizer’s production issues indeed impacting Mylan’s ability to keep US pharmacies supplied with EpiPens and their generics?
  • What caused the interruption in Pfizer’s production?
  • How pervasive is the current shortage of the supply and is it getting better or worse?
  • When does Mylan anticipate the current shortage will be remedied?

We have one of the largest readerships comprised entirely of food allergy families, many of whom are terrified at the prospect of a shortage like those in Canada and the UK coming to the US. I would GREATLY appreciate a timely response. Please let me know if you prefer a phone conversation… I am at your disposal to discuss.

Thanks and regards,
Dave Bloom

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The response we received from Steve Danehy, Director Corporate Affairs for Pfizer, Inc was similar to the canned answer Reuters received some weeks ago:

Hi Dave,

Below is our statement on this matter.


We are currently shipping product; however, supplies may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. The FDA has not announced a shortage in the US. 

We understand how important this potentially life-saving product is to patients, and we are working closely with Mylan to monitor supply levels so patients have access to epinephrine auto injector products.

Evident from the feedback we have received from our readership is that EpiPens are in short supply at pharmacies all over the country. A number of people have reported their local pharmacy has no inventory and could provide no indication when their inventory will be replenished.

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Note that the FDA has not formally announced a shortage of EpiPen supply as of this writing.
As we reported earlier, there is no shortage of epinephrine auto-injectors available to consumers; Auvi-Q and Adrenaclick generic auto-injectors are unaffected. This is a production problem specific to EpiPen and the generic version of EpiPen, both manufactured by Pfizer and marketed/distributed by Mylan.
Please let us know if you have come across scarcity of EpiPen supply in your area by responding below and be sure to include your city.
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