Intrommune Therapeutics Seeks Crowdfunding for Novel Toothpaste Immunotherapy

Toothpaste OMIT

Intrommune Therapeutics is a New York City-based biopharmaceutical company developing a novel treatment it believes will offer an easy and safe way to retrain the immune system to reduce the risk of symptoms of food allergy.

The company is formally calling its therapy “Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy” or OMIT, which is based on the concept of allergy immunotherapy where patients receive tiny, carefully controlled amounts of the substance they are allergic to, such as peanut proteins. Over time, their immune systems are trained to recognize the substance as safe and allergic reactions become milder.

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Intrommune plans to deliver OMIT via a toothpaste that carries precise dosing of allergens designed to be low enough to be safe, yet sufficient to trigger the immune system’s desensitization process.

The company has begun seeking investment via a public process known as “crowdfunding” to fund the FDA’s process for approving their drug, beginning with an Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

Here is a video from the company describing their therapy candidate and funding campaign:

Click here to find out more about Intrommune Therapeutics, their new toothpaste therapy candidate, and their crowdfunding campaign.

Source: Groundbreaking Toothpaste – Netcapital
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