Scarcity of EpiPens Now Affecting the United States


Note: we are avoiding using the term “shortage” because it is an official designation that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses. It has not done so as of this writing.

A scarcity of EpiPens affecting Canada and the United Kingdom is now affecting the United States, according to a report by WHAM-TV of Rochester NY.
The station reports that Jo Natale, Vice President of Media Relations for the supermarket chain Wegmans, has announced that all pharmacies at Wegmans are currently out of stock and there is no timeline for when the supply for the chain will be replenished.
In a statement provided to WHAM, a spokesperson for Pfizer – the company that manufactures the EpiPen for Mylan – says the company is currently shipping the product, but that, “supplies may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.”

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“We understand how important this potentially life-saving product is to patients,” the statement continued, “and we are working closely with Mylan to monitor supply levels so patients have access to epinephrine auto injector products.”
As late as April 13, Reuters reported the shortages abroad but published a statement from Steve Danehy, spokesman for Pfizer, stating: “We are shipping product. Currently there is no shortage in the U.S.”
We have an inquiry pending with Mylan and will report back once we receive a response from the company.
Please note that issues with EpiPen supply do not affect the availability of epinephrine auto-injectors from other manufacturers including Auvi-Q and the Adrenaclick generic.

Note of disclosure: Auvi-Q is currently an advertiser with
There is an update to this article available by clicking here.
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