Update on the Manufacture of Oreos with Respect to Peanuts and Tree Nuts


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Despite partnering with over 100 manufacturers that provide us with detailed shared line and facility information for 11 allergens, there are a small number of items listed in the Safe Snack Guide from manufacturers with which we have no formal relationship. We call them “black dot” items because they are preceded by a black dot symbol in the Guide.

These items are provided on a “best effort” basis where we periodically reach out to our contacts at the company and hope we receive a definitive answer regarding their manufacture. Black dot items also have relaxed criteria: while our usual listings require manufacturers provide detailed allergen processing information via our platform, these items must simply be manufactured on peanut and tree nut free lines.

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Along with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish updated last month, Oreo Cookies are our most popular black dot items. Here is our understanding of how the plain varieties of Oreos are manufactured:

Plain varieties of Oreos are made in a number of facilities throughout North America. While these facilities are not guaranteed to be peanut and tree nut free, the lines are dedicated, do not process peanuts or tree nuts, and special care is taken to limit opportunities for cross-contamination.

We recently reached out to our contact at Mondelēz – Kimberly Fontes, Senior Manager of Communications for the company – to confirm our understanding is still valid. Here is her reply:

Hi Dave,

Hope all is well.

That statement is still accurate for plain varieties of Oreo Cookies. We do continue to encourage our consumers to read product packaging for current information as well.


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So to summarize:

  • The plain varieties of Oreos listed in the Safe Snack Guide are manufactured on dedicated peanut and tree nut free lines in facilities that may process peanuts and tree nuts; but you should always check the label.
  • Do not assume the same for other varieties of Oreos; for those you must check the label and confirm with the manufacturer.

Our thanks once again to Ms Fontes for her help in keeping us informed.

Did you know:

Our Allergence product screening service provides you with detailed allergen processing information for the 11 allergens we track including the “Top 8” (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, fish and crustacean shellfish) as well as sesame, mustard, and gluten. We provide this information – which includes shared line/facility guidance you won’t find on the label or anywhere else – for over 1300 food products from over 100 manufacturers.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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