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Epinephrine US UK

The UK is Working Toward Providing Stock Epinephrine in Public Places....

We need to take action to help protect the allergic community.
Jo Frost

“Supernanny” Jo Frost Calls for Support of Elijah’s Law Nationally

Jo Frost shares a heartfelt message and Call To Action support video.
Sorenson's Son at Lunch

When Lunch Is Life-Threatening for Our Son With Food Allergies

Emily Sorenson sums up our feelings perfectly.
Megan Lee

Take-Out Manager Convicted of Manslaughter in the Death of Megan Lee...

Today, three Court of Appeal judges in London quashed the sentence on appeal ruling the sentence "cannot stand".

Editorial: The Coming Healthcare Apocalypse for the Food Allergy Community

Many will have to rely on avoidance, stock epinephrine and prayer.

Help for Kolbyn: "I Am Forced to Watch My Son Be...

Kolbyn's story is every parent's worst nightmare. Please help.
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Team with Peanut Free Planet and Help the Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Order items from Peanut Free Planet and enter the given shipping address and PFP will cover the postage to send your items to a food bank in Oklahoma!