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Study: How Personality Affects Coping with Food Allergy

Lead author hopes findings will help tailor coping strategies based on personality traits.
Rosie Take 2

Study: Many are Leaving that Life Saving 2nd Dose of Epinephrine...

Frightening statistics that show adherence to epinephrine guidelines is poor.
Auto-Injector Use

Study: Self-Injection Practice Leads to Less Anxiety in Adolescents and Parents

Familiarity with the use of an auto-injector may lead to earlier administration and better outcomes.
Restaurant Manager

CDC Report on Restaurant Food Allergy Practices Not Encouraging

Nearly half of food allergy related deaths were caused by food from a restaurant.

AllergyEats Redesign: You're Invited!

Help improve the AllergyEats app and website, whether you already use the service or have yet to try it!