'Take 2' Campaign Flyers Remind You to Take the Epinephrine Along

Take 2 Campaign

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends administering epinephrine as soon as anaphylaxis is suspected. Their guidelines leave absolutely no doubt: early administration of epinephrine leads to far better outcomes.

But you can’t use your auto-injector if you don’t have it with you.

If you follow the news, you’ll note the majority of reported food allergy related deaths result from not having epinephrine on-hand, either because the victim forgot their auto-injectors at home or didn’t think it was necessary to bring them along because they had not suffered a severe reaction before.

The especially frustrating part is, these tragedies are avoidable.

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To help remind you to always take two epinephrine auto-injectors along, we launched our “Take 2” campaign in 2013 consisting of a series of fun flyers to post at home, school, and the office. Why two? In case there is a problem administering the first dose or it is insufficient to halt the symptoms of anaphylaxis.

Every so often we add a new flyer to the collection. To help celebrate Allergy Awareness Month 2017, we’ve added a fun new “Up the Creek Without a Paddle” graphic pictured above with yet another reminder to “Take 2”.

To download the entire collection of Take 2 flyers to print locally and share with family and friends, click here.

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