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We’ve had many requests over the years to accommodate additional allergens in the Safe Snack Guide – like milk, gluten and sesame – but realized that doing so would severely limit the products we could include.

Instead, we created an interactive service called Allergence. Allergence draws upon the data provided via our platform by the responsible companies that have joined our Manufacturer Partnership. These companies are committed to the allergic community and have opted to provide you with much more information than is available on the label. is now previewing Allergence, which promises full transparency into how 11 allergens are processed during the manufacture of each product.

Now, questions like these are answered in a clear, unambiguous way:

  • Is milk an ingredient?
  • Are peanuts processed in the facility?
  • Is sesame processed in the manufacturing line?
  • Is the product marketed soy free?
  • Is the product certified Kosher, Organic, Gluten Free, or Non-GMO?



Click for an informative flyer describing Allergence

Though the service is still in early beta, you can click here to request an invitation to join the preview and provide your feedback.

Help us mold Allergence into the resource you’ll rely on every day to help you find safe products for your family!

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