Sanofi: Auvi-Q Potentially Delivered Too Little Epinephrine – Recall Will Cost $150 Million

Additional information has been published clarifying the reason behind Sanofi’s recall of all Auvi–Q® and Allerject® epinephrine auto-injectors in the US and Canada.

While in their original press release, Sanofi stated the reason for the recall was “potential inaccurate dosage delivery”,  an article published Thursday evening by Dow Jone Business News quotes a spokeswoman for Sanofi stating the Auvi-Q devices in question “potentially delivered too little epinephrine or none at all.”

The company, which announced the recall while presenting their third-quarter results, expects the related costs to the firm will be $150 million in net income.

In regard to the availability of alternative auto-injectors, the article quotes a spokesman for CVS saying: “We don’t anticipate any widespread shortages or problems meeting demand”, and a Walgreens spokesman saying that about 95% of its stores have EpiPens in stock and are “in good position to meet any increased consumer demand.”

You can read the entire article, which also quotes our friends Kim Hall and Elise Bates of the non-profit End Allergies Together, by clicking here.

We urge you to replace all Auvi-Q and Allerject auto-injectors with alternatives as soon as possible.

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