Adding Insult to Injury: Kellogg's Botches Warning to Allergic Consumers

Kellogg’s is rolling out their new peanut flour formulations of cracker varieties that were previously considered by many to be peanut “safe”. While the company won’t say why they are doing this, they did assure the public they would clearly mark the new formulations to warn consumers of the change.

We obtained samples of one variety – Keebler Club & Cheddar Sandwich Crackers – before and after the addition of peanut flour so we could compare packages. Here are both for comparison:

KeeblerComparisonCan you spot the difference? Would you have noticed if one day the top package was replaced by the bottom on your supermarket shelf? There’s no red banner, no “New and Improved” or “Fortified with Peanuts” stamp, nothing but a small “Contains” statement at the bottom that provides no indication that the formulation has changed.

Lest you wonder if the backs of the packages provide some indication, here they are, again back-to-back for comparison:


There’s little noticeably different here unless you’ve been warned in advance of the formulation change. Also note that Kellogg’s inadvertently distracts you from the new peanut disclosure by including a “Collect Points” graphic.

Here are is a comparison of the front packages, zoomed in to show the difference. If you were observant enough to notice the statement at all, you might have thought this was simply a new way of labeling as there is no indication that the formulation itself has changed:


Here’s a comparison of the ingredient labels:


Again, there is no warning that the formulation has changed. But note that peanut flour is the last ingredient listed on the second label – after Yellow #6 and Soy Lecithin – indicating that only a minute quantity of the allergen has been introduced. This lends credence to conjecture that Kellogg’s is adding peanuts to avoid the costs of complying with new Food Safety Modernization Act directives intended to make foods safer.

Kellogg’s actions show a marked disdain for allergic consumers by preferring cost savings over the safety of the allergic community they claim to value, and there is no reason to believe they will not employ similar methods across their entire product line in order to protect their profit margins.

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What You Can Do

Tell Kellogg’s their actions are unacceptable by signing and distributing the petition that has already garnered over 23,000 signatures. Become the local champion to this cause by contacting your local TV and radio stations, newspapers, and websites. Tweet, e-mail and voice (1-800-962-1413) your concerns to Kellogg’s.

Get involved before other companies follow Kellogg’s lead!

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