Inspiring Resource: Gluten-Free Life Blog & Podcast by Jules Shepard

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An estimated one in 133 people in the US suffer from celiac disease and the number is soaring, with 83% undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions. There is no treatment for the disease other than strict, 100% avoidance of gluten, not an easy task in today’s world of processed foods.

Jules Shepard is one of the foremost authorities on gluten-free living. A celiac sufferer herself diagnosed in 1999, she pioneered her own gluten-free flour formulations in addition to founding a blog and podcast dedicated to successfully adopting and maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle.

Besides a wonderful recipe library including a separate bread category, Jules’ site also provides information that helps tease the fact from fiction regarding celiac and gluten-free fads and trends.

To learn more about Jules and her Gluten-Free Life resources, visit her site at:

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  1. I love hearing podcast like this because it talks about one thing which I am very enthusiast about, health. Thanks for sharing this one and making us all realize that we must be very observant in the kind of food we eat and make sure that we are not allergic on it.

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