Two Short Videos with Perspectives of Young People Living with Food Allergies


Allergy UK, a non-profit advocacy based in Scotland, works with government, professional bodies, healthcare professionals and corporations to help improve the lives of the millions of people with allergic disease.

As part of their advocacy, the organization produces a number of videos related to living with allergies, some of which are available on their YouTube channel. We feature two here that may be of interest to teens and people in their twenties coping with food allergies as well as their friends and families to help foster understanding of what living with the disease is like.

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The first, entitled “Sisters – Ella & Isobel’s Story”, tells the story from the perspective of two teen sisters with food allergy and their mom:

The second, entitled “Penny’s Story” provides the perspective of a woman in her twenties coping with food allergy:

We encourage you to visit Allergy UK’s YouTube channel for more videos.

Have you or a family member recorded a video regarding your experiences with food allergy? We’d be interested in featuring it on Click here to contact us.
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Dave Bloom
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