Watch: As the EpiPen Shortage Drags On, Chicago Mom Spells Out the Dangers for Her Child


For many in the US, the EpiPen shortage continues with families unable to fill their prescriptions.

As we have been reporting for almost a year, EpiPen brand epinephrine auto-injectors and Mylan’s generic version of EpiPen have been in short supply due to manufacturing difficulties at Pfizer’s Meridian unit, the manufacturer of the device. Meridian is currently under investigation by the Justice Department for their failure to adequately investigate and address problems with EpiPen.

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Today on their website, the Food and Drug Administration reverified that EpiPen’s manufacturing problems are still ongoing resulting in supply constraints:

As the shortage drags on, families without access to EpiPens are relying on old, expired devices until they are able to renew their prescriptions.

This CBS WBBM interview with Stephanie Page, a mom from the Chicago area, sums up the frustrations and fears felt by families everywhere:

It should be noted that epinephrine auto-injectors from other companies are available, including Auvi-Q by Kaléo, the EpiPen Generic from Teva, and the Adrenaclick generic from Impax as well as the Symjepi prefilled epinephrine syringe from Sandoz. Note that you may need to have your prescription for EpiPen rewritten in order to switch brands.

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