That’s it. Launches Video Series Created to Increase Nutrition Education in Children


LOS ANGELES – October 14, 2021 — Allergy-free snacking company That’s it. announced today the launch of Smart Apple Academy, a video series featuring five different lessons on childhood nutrition and wellness.

With content developed in partnership with pediatric dietitian expert Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC, Smart Apple Academy was created to teach kids to explore foods and learn about nutrition with a sense of curiosity. Throughout the series, kids are encouraged to share their growing knowledge on food and nutrition with the ones that they love most in order to incentivize them to dig deep and process into the concepts. 

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“Our team is incredibly passionate about increasing education in nutrition and healthy eating for kids, which is why we’re so excited to launch Smart Apple Academy,” said That’s it. Founder & CEO Dr. Lior Lewensztain. “We believe that nutrition education from an early age is one of the most powerful ways that we can empower our kids to be their healthiest selves and encourage them to develop long-term healthy relationships with food and their bodies.”

Done through kid-friendly videos, interactive activities, lesson plans and games, Smart Apple Academy is designed to empower kids to enhance their knowledge on several important wellness topics and questions: 

  • Lesson1: Exploring Food Using Our Senses 
    • How can we use our senses to learn about food? 
  • Lesson 2: The Components of Food
    • What nutrients does our food contain?  
  • Lesson 3: Where Does our Food Come From? 
    • How do our fruits and vegetables grow?  
  • Lesson 4: Joyful Movement 
    • How can movement and exercise make our bodies healthy and strong? 
  • Lesson 5: Kids in the Kitchen: 
    • Integrate all lessons into one fun cooking class featuring: Muffins!

See this introduction to the series:

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Each fun and educational video is supplemented with corresponding lesson plans and activities for kids to participate in at home. After completing the series, kids are invited to download and print a diploma to certify themselves as official Smart Apple Academy graduates that are ready to share their new knowledge of food and nutrition with others. 

All Smart Apple Academy content is free for users, and available to be viewed and downloaded at

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