Tag: Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

FARE Launches Clinical Network to Advance Research and Improve Quality of...

The effort aims to accelerate the development of therapies and promote best practices for the care of people suffering with food allergies.

2015 FARE Walk for Food Allergy Schedule

The FARE Walk for Food Allergy is a series of family-friendly events that take place in communities nationwide to help fund food allergy education, advocacy, awareness and research.

They’re NOT Allergens? What it Means to be Highly Refined

We discuss the meaning of 'highly refined' and how it affects allergen proteins and labeling requirements.
Take 2 along everywhere... every time

Editorial: Speak Up Because No One Wants To Read A Child's...

What we can do to prevent another child's obituary from appearing in the news.

Study: Anaphylaxis in Schools, Stock Epinephrine, and the Importance of "Take...

Results of a study of schools participating in the EpiPen4Schools program confirming the need to always have 2 auto-injectors on-hand.

Fair is Fare: We Stand Corrected

We issue a correction to the title of a previous article, and appreciate the removal of what *appeared* as an endorsement by FARE.

FARE Changes Corporate Sponsorship Page After Test Results and ContentChecked Admission

The advocacy no longer displays language that could be construed as a tacit approval of ContentChecked.

FARE Announces Grant for Promising Research

FARE has announced that it is providing over $700,000 to help fund promising research that may lead to a fast, effective treatment for food allergies.

Awareness… Share it!

What good is Food Allergy Awareness Week if you're already aware?

FARE Launches Resource Center for Diners with Food Allergies

The SafeFARE website offers tools and resources for diners with food allergies.