Nestlé Partners with DBV to Develop Milk Allergy Test


Nestlé Health Science – a division of Nestlé, the world’s largest food company – has announced they are partnering with DBV Technologies to develop a ready-to-use diagnostic test for cow’s milk protein (CMP) allergy dubbed “MAG1C” based on the firm’s Viaskin platform. DBV is currently testing the same Viaskin platform for delivery of Epicutaneous Immunotherapy (EPIT) for treatment of peanut, egg, and milk allergy.

Nestlé secures global commercialization rights to the MAG1C CMP test by providing DBV with up to €100 million ($113 million) to develop the technology and see it through regulatory approval.

Nestlé believes it’s Health Science business could evolve into a $10 billion enterprise. The company’s infant formula business also stands to benefit from the tie-in as the company manufactures varieties for babies with food allergies and intolerances.

DBV expects the MAG1C milk allergy test to be ready in 2021.

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