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Our readers have been following the tragic events surrounding the death of Megan Lee, the 15 year-old girl who died in a hospital on New Year’s Day 2017 after consuming take-out from an Indian restaurant in her native Lancashire two days before. The owner and manager of the restaurant have since been convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence and both sentenced to serve jail time for their roles in Megan’s death. Peanut cross-contact and a lack of allergen controls were cited as primary factors leading to the tragedy during the trial.
Now, Adam and Gemma Lee, Megan’s parents, are speaking out about the tragedy in this video posted by the Lancashire County Council. Their heart-rending memoriam to their daughter and plea for all to take food allergy seriously – especially food establishments – is a must-see/must-share for everyone concerned with food allergies:

We send our sincere thanks to the Lees for their advocacy in the wake of Megan’s loss and hope their efforts to spread awareness take firm hold. You can follow Adam Lee on Twitter here:
Let’s share their message and help make Megan’s legacy the prevention of anaphylaxis everywhere.

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