End Allergies Together on NBC's Today Show with Al Roker


This morning on the Today Show, Al Roker featured End Allergies Together (EAT) and their “Do Your 17” pledge drive which is currently underway raising funds for research into a cure for food allergies. (The reference to 17 represents the estimated 17 million Americans currently suffering with food allergies, many of which are children.)

The segment also provided a wonderful primer on food allergies for the uninitiated, complete with a description of the symptoms of reactions and anaphylaxis. You can view the segment here:

EAT is a non-profit organization that underwrites it’s own expenses so that 100% of donations go directly toward research. Their “Do Your 17” drive challenges participants to set up a free, personalized donation page, then solicit pledges from friends, family and coworkers who sponsor them to “do 17 of something”. That something could be anything, such as walking 17 blocks, doing 17 backflips, or reading 17 traffic signs. You can also choose to sponsor someone else’s effort.

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We at SnackSafely.com are taking part in the “Do Your 17” campaign by highlighting 17 inspiring food allergy resources during the month of May, which is a work in progress.

Please do your part as a participant or donor! Here are links to get you started:

  • Click here to create your own page and solicit pledges;
  • Click here to sponsor SnackSafely.com’s “Do Your 17” effort;
  • Click here to browse other pages.

Remember, 100% of your donation goes directly toward funding research into a cure for food allergies!

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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