Update: Thousands of Allergy-Friendly Products Including Many from Six New Brands!


New Products!

We’ve added tons of new products to all editions of the Safe Snack Guide, our catalog of over 2,500 allergy-friendly products from 150+ responsible manufacturers!

Special Editions for a Variety of Allergen Exclusions!

The Safe Snack Guide is a family of guides that serve those with a variety of dietary restrictions including Peanut & Tree Nut FreeMilk (Dairy) FreeSesame Free, and Gluten Free guides to help you find products that meet your family’s specific allergen restrictions, or if your family is juggling a number of allergen restrictions, tailor your own Custom guide to exclude any combination of 11 allergens. Links to each are below.

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Guides are Interactive!

Each guide is interactive: click any entry to see precisely how that product is manufactured with respect to the 11 allergens we track (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, sesame, mustard, and gluten) in our Allergence product screening service. That includes shared line/facility information you won’t find on the label or anywhere else — as well as links to the product’s store finder, website, and Amazon page.

New Partners!

In addition to many new products from members of our Manufacturer Partnership, we welcome products from six new partner manufacturers:

Foodie Kid Simple Starters — Pure, organic and nutritiously balanced food, from the freezer to your table in just minutes: Simple Starters make preparing homemade baby food easy. Their flash-frozen baby meals are prepped, ready to cook, and can be served either as puree or finger foods. Manufactured in a facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame and mustard.

Treeline — A mission-driven brand crafting delicious dairy-free cheeses that are healthy, free from animal products, and kind to the environment. Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Treeline cheeses are made with sustainably farmed and ethically sourced cashews from Brazil that are ground into a cream and then fermented to produce complex flavors. All varieties are manufactured in a facility free from peanuts, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, sesame, mustard and gluten.

Sugimoto — Their Shiitake mushrooms are cultivated 100% naturally outdoors on special sweet sap oak logs in Kyushu, Japan, recognized as the best tasting and textured. Their drying and packaging process keeps the moisture content to < 9% which enhances the Shiitake flavor and Vitamin D content. Sugimoto Shiitake promotes 100% natural and sustainable cultivation using only carefully selected local cultivators and are certified Kosher and Organic! Manufactured in a facility free of the Top 8, sesame, mustard, and gluten.

KrackCorn — A fun, flavorful caramel popcorn brand bringing new excitement in taste and experience to the popcorn set. They are uniquely made with a savory crunchiness that makes our snackers happy while they enjoy KrackCorn! Manufactured in a facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, sesame mustard and gluten.

eatUrXica — Specializes in Jicama superfood from Nahuatl XÍCAMATL. The root’s exterior is light brown and papery, while its inside is creamy white with a crisp texture that resembles raw potato or pear. A great gluten-free, non-GMO certified alternative, the company offers chips, spears, and tortillas manufactured in a facility free from the Top 8, sesame, mustard, and gluten.

Prevail Jerky — The most allergy-friendly, Prevail has a tender texture and offers the most unique flavors in the beef jerky market. They are gluten-free, Paleo and Keto certified. The perfect high protein, low sugar, low sodium snack that the whole family can enjoy! Marketed free of peanuts, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, sesame mustard and gluten.

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Please discard your current guide and select the edition below to download the latest:

Peanut and Tree Nut Free Edition
Milk (Dairy) Free Edition
Gluten Free Edition
Sesame Free Edition
Custom Edition
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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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